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  Which clubs are the most Northern / Southern / Eastern / Western in each country? The answers are below. You have two viewing options: the "hidden" view where the club names are not shown unless you mouseover the "Northern/Southern/Eastern/Western" links, or the "show all" view where the club names are shown are in the clear. You can toggle between the two views as you wish, using the "Go to the ... view" link below. You can also select which season to view using the dropdown menu above.

Note that in order to see some of the clubs on the map (if the club isn't in the respective country's top league), you will either need to be logged in or you will need to become a member. Also, for each country and season, only the clubs in the top leagues which are mapped are included. So if the northernmost club in one season isn't shown to be the northernmost club in another season, it could be that in one of the seasons the club got relegated to an unmapped league level.

While we try to map the club locations as accurately as possible, we know the club ball placements are not always perfect. So the answers may sometimes be just a bit off. If you see something that seems glaringly wrong, please let us know. Otherwise just chill, give us a break, and have some fun with this in the spirit it is intended.

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