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Advantage of football spread betting
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Have you ever been betting on a match and a last minute goal lost you your bet? How annoying was that! Would you have settled for 90% of the winnings before that last goal went it? If so then you will love this feature of football spread betting.

When you spread bet with football you can close your bet at any time, even before the market is finished. So if you are worried another goal might be scored in the match you are betting on, you can close your bet early and accept just slightly less profit, rather than no profit at all if that last goal goes in and you lose your bet.

Closing your bet early is also great for season long bets such as golden boot winner and final season points. At the beginning of the season you will buy or sell that the spread price given. As the season progresses, depending on how your team/player is doing the spread price will go up or down. If it goes into your favour you can close your bet and take an early profit without having to wait 9 months for the season to end. How great is that!

Closing your bet early also works the opposite way. If you are betting on an football match and you start to lose your bet, then you might decide to cut your losses and to prevent you losing any more money you can close your bet early. Now whatever happens in the match you won’t lose any more money.

Football spread betting can be really fun and bring a lot of excitement. Closing your bet early is one major advantage you have over fixed odds betting and whether you are winning or losing your bet, it can really help you out. Spread betting brings many more advantages that have got people switching from the traditional fixed odds betting.

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