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SoccerPro Product Reviews
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SoccerPro is a leading football-related merchandising company and we'd like to share our experiences with their excellent products.

SoccerPro worked closely with the Homeless World Cup to promote their 2009 games that started on September 6th and ran through the 13th. They partnered with Calle to make some awesome tee shirts just for the HWC. SoccerPro is the only website selling them and all proceeds go directly to the Homeless World Cup. If you don't know what HWC is visit their website ( What they're doing is great and SoccerPro was thrilled to have worked with them and to have been able to help them out.

2021 adidas Lionel Messi Argentina Home Jersey 2021 adidas Lionel Messi Argentina Home Jersey

Everyone needs a shirt of the maestro, Lionel Messi. This is a beautiful jersey, of Aeroready material. It's timeless, with that typical classic Argentina stripe design and the intricate Argentina football federation logo. The jersey just feels right and hugs you in all the right places. If you are a fan of Argentine football or just a fan of Messi, make sure to represent and get your jersey today!

- Erik

2021/22 Nike Christian Pulisic Chelsea Home Jersey 2021/22 Nike Christian Pulisic Chelsea Home Jersey

This is a fantastic jersey. It stretches in a really nice and comfortable way, and it's really special in that to my understanding at least some amount of recycled plastic water bottles went into the material. This is really groundbreaking, as I don't recall hearing this done before. Having Pulisic's name on the back really is neat as an American fan, and the little touches on the jersey, such as the collar wrap on the back and the "CFC" on the back of the collar is really neat. If you are a Chelsea supporter or fan of Pulisic, make sure to get your jersey today!

- Erik

2016 adidas Spain Collectors Kit 2016 adidas Spain Collectors Kit

This is a remarkable collection of framed Spain national team jerseys, both the classic La Roja home shirt and the yellow-red away shirt. Each case has its own limited edition plate with individual number, which adds to its exclusivity. This is an absolute beauty, a necessity for any Spain national team fan or even supporters of La Liga.

It's been heavily marked down. Don't hesitate...Get yours today!

- Erik

PUMA Arsenal Mini Soccer Ball - White/Estate Blue PUMA Arsenal Mini Soccer Ball - White/Estate Blue

This ball is a mini (size 1). I, like most soccer players I imagine, have lots of standard official size 5 balls. That's obligatory, of course, but I've never owned one of these tiny mini balls. This thing is great fun just to mess around with and try to improve on my keepie-uppies! Also, for anyone with small kids, this would be a manageable size for the little tikes. And hey, don't forget about the Arsenal crest and "GUNNERS" being proudly emblazoned on it!

- Erik

PUMA Arsenal Training Jersey - Iron Gate PUMA Arsenal Training Jersey - Iron Gate

This training jersey has Dry Cell technology, which seems to efficiently whisk away sweat and moisture, which is great. I'm about 6ft 2in, around 160lb, I have pretty long arms, and this X-Large fits me nicely. Normally I just buy jerseys, but these training jerseys have always been calling my name, so I was excited to get this. I'm really glad I did. This thing looks amazing. I tend to find with jerseys that I want to go with X-Large, but that's just me. This jersey definitely fits differently than a normal authentic matchgame jersey. The Puma matchgame jerseys are skin-tight, while this training jersey wears more like a "normal" shirt or jersey where its material drapes down and isn't skin-tight.

I just love the color of the material, it's something I've never seen before. It's kind of a slate gray. And come on, how can you go wrong with a super cool name of Iron Gate?

- Erik

PUMA Arsenal 1/4 Zip Top - Pomegranate PUMA Arsenal 1/4 Zip Top - Pomegranate

As compared to the Dark Shadow training top I previously bought, this training top doesn't have pockets and is of thinner material. It has Dry Cell technology, which seems to efficiently whisk away sweat and moisture, which is great. I'm about 6ft 2in, around 160lb, I have pretty long arms, and this Large fits me perfectly. Something I want to point out which was a bit unexpected is that the color of this training top just about perfectly matches the color of my old redcurrant jersey top from 2006. So it's neat that this training top from 2018 is a great complement to my redcurrant jersey.

- Erik

PUMA Arsenal 1/4 Zip Top with Hood - Peacoat/Highrise PUMA Arsenal 1/4 Zip Top with Hood - Peacoat/Highrise

As compared to the Dark Shadow training top I previously bought, this training top doesn't have pockets and is of thinner material. It has Dry Cell technology, which seems to efficiently whisk away sweat and moisture, which is great. I'm about 6ft 2in, around 160lb, I have pretty long arms, and this Large fits me perfectly. I don't normally wear pink, but I find the little splashes of hot pink under the armpits and the zipper to be pretty cool and a fun changeup for me. I also think the rubberized material which make up the Puma logo and Arsenal crest to be a really cool and different innovation which I've not seen before. Their color is very close to the color of the training top itself, just a tad darker, which makes for a nice effect.

- Erik

Puma Arsenal 1/4 Zip Training Top - Dark Shadow Puma Arsenal 1/4 Zip Training Top - Dark Shadow

I just love this training top. It not only looks super sharp, but it does a great job keeping me warm on cold days (which it sure is now!), it's really comfortable, and it feels really soft to the touch. It has Dry Cell technology, which seems to efficiently whisk away sweat and moisture, which is great. I had really wanted to get a long sleeve jacket to support my club. Having jersey tops is amazing, but they don't do a great job keeping you warm, so I love having this jacket. I love the Puma-style zipper grab and the pockets, which make it really functional. I'm about 6ft 2in, around 160lb, I have pretty long arms, and this Large fits me perfectly. Oftentimes arm length is a challenge I have with shirts/jackets, but this jacket's arm length is perfect.

- Erik

adidas Telstar 18 World Cup Match Ball - White & Metallic Silver adidas Telstar 18 World Cup Match Ball - White & Metallic Silver

Do you ever wonder if we're truly in the 21st Century? Um...wonder no more! This soccer ball actually has a microchip in it, accessible by your smartphone! How does this technology work? Here's a great article. This ball has a superb tactile feel...unlike most balls I've played with, its surface isn't completely smooth (and sqeeky to the touch), rather it has a very subtle texture, which I think allows it to dig ever so slightly into the playing surface, allowing it to roll more naturally. I think that's a brilliant touch from the manufacturer. Also its flight is true, amazingly easy to manipulate on various surfaces (I even tried my kitchen floor!), and seems to weigh as light as a feather. It's truly a dream to play with and I love the throwback (although with its modernized design) look. Something that struck me immediately when I started kicking it with power is due to its white and black panels, in its flight it is really easy to quickly pick out against any backdrop. Not to mention, this is a great conversation piece to have with your friends, and an item you can be proud to own, maybe even the first one on your block!

- Erik

Nike Jozy Altidore USA Away Match Jersey 2016-17 Nike Jozy Altidore USA Away Match Jersey 2016-17

So you say you are a USMNT fan, do ya? Well get off yer duff and go get your Altidore #17 jersey then! This is an authentic jersey, meaning Jozy is wearing this exact same jersey, which is so cool. I love this away jersey because it has a bit of flair due to the colors...I'm not as keen on the plain white USMNT home jersey.

The fit and finish of this jersey is really literally seems like it hugs and caresses you when you wear it. No, I know... but I'm serious! If you don't believe me, go out and get your own, showing what a true USMNT fan you are!

- Erik

Nike Attack Stadium Shin Guard - White & Black Nike Attack Stadium Shin Guard - White & Black

These full-size shin guards are amazing. Sure, they look beautiful, but even more importantly they are extremely comfortable and have helpful straps near the top as well as bottom loops which your feet slide into. I love that once you strap them on, they ain't going anywhere. That is a huge asset to my game.

Make sure to pickup a pair of these bad-boys in the size you need! SoccerPro offers them in S/M/L, so everyone wins!

- Erik

Nike SCCRX Duro Strike Soccer Ball - Total Orange & Bright Citrus Nike SCCRX Duro Strike Soccer Ball - Total Orange & Bright Citrus

Warning!: This ball is guaranteed to get you noticed. Its bright fluorescence thankfully doesn't attract bugs but it sure will attract other players! So you'd better step up your game.

This is a traditional 32-panel soccer ball with a special slick coating which helps avoid those nasty scratches and abrasions. Go get one yourself and show off your mad skills!

- Erik

Nike Classic III Game Sock Nike Classic III Game Sock

These are super comfortable soccer socks, go all the way up to my knee, and have a reinforced toe area. These are by far the best soccer socks I've even worn. The best things I love about these socks are that they are nice and snug around my leg, stay in place on both my leg as well as foot (which I find to be a very important attribute in my socks), have the abiliy to fit full-size shin guards, and allow for very easy insertion and removal of shin guards.

Also, so many soccer socks I've used through the years get easily frayed when you insert and remove shin guards...but these socks don't fray, they clearly hold up under pressure! SoccerPro offers many different colors, so go get yourself a pair today in the color of your club!

- Erik

Puma Arsenal Earbuds Puma Arsenal Earbuds

Okay, so we all have the urge to rock out in style, right? Well let me tell you, every self-respecting Arsenal supporter needs to deck themselves out in Arsenal red and white, from top to bottom. These earbuds come in the club's famous colors, and not only that, they have the Arsenal crest emblazoned on the outside of both earbuds! I've personally had many people recognize them and chat me up about The Gunners, due to seeing the iconic crest sticking out of my ears!

The total length is 4ft, and you have the option to easily split the wires a bit more if you have a huge head like mine! I love the fact that the standard jack works perfectly with my Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung phones, and my laptop.

- Erik

Puma Arsenal Authentic ACTV Home Jersey 2015-2016 Puma Arsenal Authentic ACTV Home Jersey 2015-2016

This new Puma jersey design is really amazing. This jersey is an *authentic* licensed product, with its very own unique serial number. Wow, that is something I've never experienced. I own many jerseys, purchased over many years. I have to honestly say this is unlike ANY jersey I've ever worn or owned. It is skin-tight, which takes a little getting used to, but after a while it just feels natural, almost like you aren't even wearing a shirt! Those of you who have muscles will really get a kick out of wearing this! The material is like a second layer of skin, so it just seems to somehow magically support you and move with your body. Another amazing thing is it contains ACTV tape, which is Puma tech advancement, keeping your muscles firing and massaging them as you move. Yes, people, you've heard about the future and the future is NOW! The only sort of minor caveat I give about this is that Puma's "compression fit" jerseys are sized a bit differently than what you might be used to. They are sized a bit on the smaller side so I advise you size up to the next level just to be safe. But again, overall, I'm thrilled to have this beast in my trophy cabinet!

- Erik

Puma Arsenal Scarf - Red Puma Arsenal Scarf - Red

If there's one accessory every supporter must own, it has to be the traditional English football scarf! Now that Arsenal has changed to Puma as its kit sponsor, every Gooner needs to update their scarf collection by adding this fantastic scarf.

The scarf is a massive 4ft 7in long by 6.5in wide. It primarly has Arsenal red coloring, with white on its flanks and blue tassles at either end. One side has ARSENAL emblazoned on it while the other has GUNNERS. I have an older-style sort of classic Arsenal scarf, so this is a really neat addition to my collection since it has such a nice clean newer design.

I've also actually worn it outside during some cold weather we've had recently and what is nice about it is that its acrylic fabric feels great up against my throat.

- Erik

Puma Arsenal Fan Soccer Ball - Red and Estate Blue Puma Arsenal Fan Soccer Ball - Red and Estate Blue

This is a traditional 32-panel official regulation size 5 training soccer ball, and is a must-have for every Gooner. Either add it to your Arsenal shrine (every Gooner has one, right?) or pump it up and throw it into your soccer bag for some fun kick-arounds with your mates. The price is definitely right and its graphics are super sharp. The crisp logos include the Arsenal crest as well as the Puma logo, Arsenal's newest kit sponsor.

The ball has a really superb tactile feel to it, with a nice soft slick casing. It also includes an internal rubber bladder system, which is great because it helps protect the ball from all of the pounding it'll be taking!

- Erik

Nike Elastico Superfly Indoor Shoes - Volt Nike Elastico Superfly Indoor Shoes - Volt

Wow...can you say NEON? You'll definitely been seen when you lace up these bad boys! These soccer shoes are truly amazing, no doubt the best indoor shoes I've had the pleasure of wearing. They are non-marking so you can safely strut around indoors. They are super comfortable, hugging my feet in all the right places. Their Nike Shwooshes have a really unique camo design, and the laces seem to come out of nowhere from seemingly hidden eyelets.

I've never worn shoes which have built-in "socks" which give ankle support, so this was really an exiting new experience for me. Yeah I know that sounds silly, but honestly it's quite a different experience. The socks are elastic so they fit snuggly around your ankle, which alone gives me a surpising feeling of support and protection. Whether you just want a flashy pair of shoes or you play indoor soccer, you definitely need to go out and get your pair today!

- Erik

Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG Soccer Cleats - Neo Lime with Poison Green Nike Hypervenom Phantom FG Soccer Cleats - Neo Lime with Poison Green

These soccer cleats are simply DA BOMB. They are the very best cleats I've ever worn. They conform and hug my foot unlike any other fact they feel like I'm wearing slippers. Well that'd be really, really cool slippers! They even have a silver tongue, I guess in case they want to talk trash! The Nikeskin exterior is quite unique, almost as if you're wearing a golf ball (in a good way!). They also come with a really neat Hypervenom carrying bag.

- Erik