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 Recent country/league additions ... 
 We've added Bonaire, Kosovo, and Gibraltar. We've added seasons 1991-1992 through 2004-2005 in England, bringing our coverage to 21 seasons for England. Our coverage of England now includes every Premier League season since its inception in 1992-1993, along with the prior season (1991-1992), which was the final season of the old historic football league structure. 
 For the first time, starting with season 2010-2011, we now have full coverage of all England (Men) clubs in Levels 1-9. This is an amazing 650+ clubs! Certainly the level of detail diminishes the further down the pyramid you go, but you can help us out with this by providing valuable feedback. We would love to enhance our coverage of England non-league clubs and possibly even look at mapping them. If you are a brave soul and would like to take on this challenge, please let us know. You will earn Supporter status for this work. 

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